How to get free N100 On Airtel sim cards


This article is going to expanciate on all you need to know on how to get free N100 airtime on Airtel via mSurvey. But before I proceed, I will like to drop little information about mSurvey.

mSurvey ie Kenya based data collection network that gathers customers feedback for client via mobile phone, the mobile feedback platform has enables businesses to interact with their customers through short messaging.
This platform aim is to fuel businesses in Africa in terms of offering them a customer feedback which drive their growth through operational efficiency and offering them with insights that inform their strategic growth as well as commercial opportunity.

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The so called mSurvey is owned by Ajua, and Integrated Customer Experience Solution for Businesses in Africa, Ajua's technology integrates with businesses at the points that matter most to their customers to measure and optimize their customers experience which is done by helping a specific business to build a stronger customer relationship by getting feedback from customers which enhance the business firm to know what and who their customers are.

We're glad to inform you that mSurvey has partnered with Airtel to collect basic information from their users so as to create a valid communication between their customers. And as a result of this mSurvey are rewarding  Airtel subscribers with N100 airtime for each completed survey. This survey only collect some basic information about you and it's very easy to complete.

The survey only contains 10 questions at most and you will be credited with N100 few hours after which you have completed the survey as shown below.


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Without further ado, below are the detailed steps on how to get your own N100 free airtime on Airtel Network.

To get started to receive the N100 Airtime is very simple, just text Audience to 34464 as a text message (SMS) on your Airtel Sim card and wait for response, you will receive a response with survey questions, then follow the prompt options to start and complete the survey.

If you receive an error message like survey is not available just relax and try again later I also have access to the survey after three attempts.

Below are the example of how the question will looks like:

Great! Tell us a bit about you.
Do you own the phone you are currently using?

1: Yes
2: No

•Then type and send 1 to say yes and 2 to say no.

Is your phone a smart phone?

1: Yes
2: No

•Type and send 1 to say yes and 2 to say no.

What is your gender?

1: Male
2: Female
3: Preferred not to answer

•Type and send 1 to select Male and 2 to select Female.

Follow the same step to answer all questions and wait for your Airtime which will be credited to your account balance, any moment from that time you have completed the survey.

Below is the pictorial details of the survey:


NOTE: This airtime is normal airtime and it will be credited to account balance as if you load an airtime, so it can be used for anything and if you always receive a bonus or data when you load a recharge card, you will also receive all entitlement with the airtime that will be credited to your account.
That's all! Don't save it's small, at least half bread is better than none.

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